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Goals: With plans to expand nationally, there is a great need to update the website and refresh the brand which focuses on the customer and customer stories.  The website was intended to function as a key business and marketing tool and was built using an industry standard content management system (WordPress). At a high level, this website now enables the easy change out and updating of content, photos, files and marketing landing pages and logo.

Customer Focused: Taking the industry, brand vision, and customer persona into consideration, a web and design strategy was implemented. The new website focused on the customer with testimonials and video case studies included throughout the website. There was an emphasis on call to actions which prompts users to fill out a form for a free wireless evaluation. Fresh imagery and high quality images helped to modernize the website.

Culture, Culture, Culture! The old Preston Mobility brand lacked focus on displaying their rich internal culture and team. With the new brand, the goal was to emphasize and highlight their office culture , integrate social media, and a clear blog to more effectively display key information about the brand. Prospective employees are better able to have an understanding of what it is like to work for Preston Mobility with the update website.

At a Glance 

  • Mobile Responsive Web Development
  • On-Brand Web Design
  • Video Integration
  • Team Page
  • Logo Design
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • SSL Certificate
  • Secured Web Hosting & Monthly Maintenance Package


We focus on building a great web strategy as the first step to a corporate re-brand. After we had a brief conversation with the key players at Preston Mobility, MintRocket Media was able to incorporate a new concept into the overall brand strategy to reflect this wireless powerhouse as the innovative brand that it was.

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